Radio Call Sign or Boat Registration Number Package
($40 + Shipping)

2 copies of lettering - Up to 9 numbers or 3 letters and 6 numbers. Each set is supplied in a single sheet , complete with a layer of application tape. Instructions and a practice sample are also provided.

SIZE: 90mm high

COLOUR: Single colour only - Choice of White, Black, Gold, Silver, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Navy Blue and Grey. Colour chart is on this page.

FONT: Arial Bold

VINYL: Premium cast vinyl recommended for marine vessels.


To order email CALL SIGN PACKAGE 90mm to and include your requirements.

Marine Bylaws and Regulations:

Some regions have introduced a marine navigational safety bylaw, in regards to identifying certain types of marine vessels. If this applies to you, and you wish your lettering to conform to these bylaws, then please let us know the requirements for your area. We can then ensure the sizing conforms to the bylaw.

A common bylaw requires legible identiying name, call sign or lettering where each letter is over 90mm height. Your call sign or registration numbers will be over 90mm high if you purchase this package.

Other Packages and Sizing

Other popular boat lettering packages include:

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Boat Name Package 150mm

Quotations for alternative sizing can be received by following our Free Quotation guide or email





Vinyl boat name example
vinyl registration name example
Vinyl boat name example
vinyl boat lettering image





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