Your Options For Vinyl Lettering - What We Need to Know!


The Size, Font, Colour, and Vinyl Type are all essential requirements we need to know for your custom made lettering. This page gives information about each of these requirements.

Size: Height & Length

Height, length, font type and whether upper or lower case lettering is used, are all big factors in the size of your sign.

Height - Lettering size from 30mm (depending on the font) up to 400mm are deemed suitable sizes for DIY application.
Length- Doubling the height will double the length of your lettering in its natural form and can be important requirement in determining the suitable height of lettering.
Area- Each time the height doubles the area of the vinyl used quadruples and so the vinyl cost and application tape cost increases exponentially. This makes larger lettering alot more costly than smaller lettering.

SIZE GUIDE: 10 letters "DIY LETTERS' (Arial Bold font)

Font Type

There are thousands of font styles and most are suitable to be cut out of vinyl. Remember when you choose a font to keep it simple as you want it to be read easily.

Here is a selection of some Popular Fonts.

Other fonts can be searched on the internet. Sites like have different categories and styles so you can pick a suitable font for your application. It's a good idea to enlarge your chosen font up to the size you want it on your computer screen. Check for tidiness and smoothness. Some fonts once enlarged are found to be poorly made and only suitable as small computer display size text.


All standard colours are available - White, Black, Gold, Silver, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Brown, Purple, Pink and Grey. Other shades of colours are available but differ depending on the type of vinyl and manufacturer. If you have a specific colour request out of this range please let us know and we'll tell you if it is available for the type of vinyl suitable for your application and we can order it in for a small charge.

Vinyl Type

We use quality 3M and Calon (Arlon) vinyl for most of our signage. They are all suitable for indoor/outdoor use.

For simplicity we have 3 standard options for vinyl lettering:

Temporary Vinyl

  • 2 year indoor/outdoor durability.
  • Recommended for temporary signage eg. Real Estate Signs, For Sale Signs.
  • Lowest vinyl cost option.
  • Suitable for application to flat surfaces.

Intermediate Vinyl

  • 5-7 year indoor/outdoor durability.
  • Recommended for most signage options eg. Window Lettering, Vehicle Lettering, General Signage.
  • Medium vinyl cost option.
  • Suitable for application to flat surfaces and slight curves.

Premium Cast Vinyl

  • 8-10year indoor/outdoor durability.
  • Recommended for longer life general signage in tougher environments.
  • Recommended for boat, yacht and other marine applications.
  • High vinyl cost option.
  • Suitable for application to flat surfaces and medium curves.

Further information on our vinyls used are given here. VINYL INFORMATION.

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